Driving to Oxbridge

I took my Driving Theory Test today. I passed. I started learning the syllabus last night. It would have been pointless learning it any earlier as the subject matter has no context for me, as yet a non-driver.

I do not know what a breakaway cable is but I do know to attach it if I ever tow a caravan. I do not know what aquaplaning is but know to steer into it, (though having never actually steered I do not know how to do this). It doesn’t matter. I got 100%. Clearly I am Oxbridge material.

So successful has this way of ‘learning’ been for me, I am thinking of starting a campaign to reform the driving education system and then set up a competitive practical driving school where you are drilled by a computer and then tested in a mock car. Who is with me?

Incidentally, I have also learned that if your mobile phone goes off whilst you are driving you must stop in a safe place to answer it. Ignoring it is simply not an option.




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